Waverly United Methodist Church ...Waverly NY

Announcements / Reminders

ANNOUNCEMENTS August 12-19, 2018

Pastor Cindy is away from 9/11-8/16, 2018. Please contact David Cannavino, 607-565-2464 in the event of an emergency

GriefShare group will be held july 18 through October 10, 2018 from 6:30-8:30 in the Lounge

Sunday School classes will resume September 9, 2018. Young children will have care over the summer but not class. We are looking fro volunteers to help, please contact church office if you are interested in helping

Prayer Warriors are taking a brief hiatus. There will not be any prayer meetings on  August 15, 16, or 23.  Prayer Warriors will return on  August 22 @ pam.  Starting August 29th the Prayer Warriors will meet Wednesdays from 12-1:30PM. Prayer Room will be open on Thursdays from 12-2PM

Upcoming Meetings on 8/23/18
SPPRC Meeting @ 6pm
Ad Council Meeting @ 7pm

Sunday School Registration begins August 19,  2018!!!!!

There is on Unified Service scheduled for Sunday September 2, 2018

Church Office will be closed Wednesday August 15, 2018

Lourdes Mobil Mammography is coming to UUMC Saturday September 8, 2018 from 10am-4pm. mPlease call Lourdes Central Scheduling at, 607-798-5723, for more information

The Prayer Room summer  hours  are Thursdays from 12-2 pm

After hours chapel : Mrs. Margo Love will pray with you online-email: morrlovenjoy@yahoo.com. She may also be contacted through Facebook as Margo Lou Love or by phone: 607-857-5574

- Welcome visitors to the Waverly United Methodist Church. Our sincere goal is to offer everyone, Christian hospitality. In the back of the sanctuary, there are soft back chairs for those who find sitting in pews uncomfortable. There is also in the center back of the sanctuary, rocking chairs to rock babies, picture books and puzzles on the back pew for young children to enjoy. Your little ones are most welcome to stretch out on the floor. Our greeters are there to answer questions you have about the church, and to give directions to our restrooms, including our handicapped accessible restroom that also has an infant changing table. The church provides a staffed nursery during the 10:00 service from children six and under, located downstairs. Children however are always most welcome to remain with their families during worship. We greet and welcome everyone, in Christian love. Please be sure to sign in so that we can thank you for your attendance

CHOW FOR CHILDREN - August is Vienna sausage.  Please put all donations in the boxes between the Chapel and the Sanctuary

TRUSTEES want to remind everyone that they have to get pre-approval for any purchases for the church. Contact Scott Bodine (607-565-8047) 

PARSONAGE PARKING spots are strictly that and violators will be towed at their own expense.

REMINDER If you enter the building other than regular church service times, p
lease make sure all doors are locked and all lights are off upon leaving.

Any CONCERNS about Church Property contact Scott Bodine (607-565-8047)

Any CONCERNS about Church Policies or Church Staff  contact Troy Campbell (607-948-4475)

Church office hours  are: Monday--Friday 8:30-11:30